Film Compactors KP 101 / 200 / 2000

for the recycling-compatible compaction of film wastage and edge trimmings

Edge Trimmings - A never-ending story

Whether during the extrusion of flat or deepdrawing films or the packing production, whether during printing or carrier-bag production punch wastage and edge trimmings are generated at all places where films are produced and processed.

Film Compactors - Edge TrimmingsFilm Compactors - Edge TrimmingsFilm Compactors - Edge Trimmings

The produced waste - whether crude material or composite material - doesn't usually contribute to the profit and causes instead just more costs.

What usually happens is that valuable materials are filtered out of the operational process in a cost intensive way. Foil winders, shredder troughs or presses are putting a strain on the performance of your company.

Film Compactors - Edge Trimmings

We have tackled this "never-ending story" problem and developed a type of machine which is capable of taking up edge trimmings and punch wastage directly on-site and process them into highly compacted bars without any further devices.

The Functionality - Folienkompaktoren KP 101/200/2000

And that's how it works! The pavel-compactors are directly connected to the waste producing machines tube system. A connection to the already an existing suction solution is of course possible.

The base material is pulled in automatically into the suction and compression cylinder. With a piston the highly compacted foil is transported into the heat channel. The piston compresses the foil under heat into a solid block. The endless stand this process generates is cut into individual pieces of preselected length.

Film Compactors - FunctionalityFilm Compactors - FunctionalityFilm Compactors - Functionality

A peripheral 1-on-1-binding of our compactors on your cutting and extrusion lines minimises the failure risk of several facilities at once and therefore contributes to the safe performance of your production process.

The compact and modular setup of our machines allows for standalone use of the compactors or as an addition to existing systems. Your individual customer requirements will be considered at every step. The peripheral separation of cutting and extrusion lines allows for a varietal separation of the material. As a result you can add the material to the recycling system and earn money with that.

Next to reliability the safety of our compactors is an important issue. Our machines are equipped with a widely visible tower light and an automatic fire incident device. The cases of the machines can only be opened with a special key to ensure that only qualified personal can access the machinery. All dangerous machine parts are inside the case, your employees are never exposed to any risk of injury.

The Set-up - Film compactor KP 101/200/2000

Film Compactors - Aufbau

01 crankshaft drive with compressor piston
02 suction and compression cylinder
03 temperature controlled heating channel
04 cooling channel with length-cutting
05 outlet channel with pneumatic compression regulation
06 touch-based electronic control
07 user-friendly exhaust filter

Film Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-upFilm Compactors - Set-up


Recycling-compatible compaction of film wastage and edge trimmings

  • Simple, fast and cost-efficient compaction of film edge trimmings
  • Produces stackable, highly compacted bars
  • Significantly reduces cost of disposal
  • Central suction unit can be eliminated completely through installation directly at the extrusion line
  • Safe to operate at a foil speed of up to 1000 m/min.
  • At this speed both edge trimmings of the cutting line can be disposed.
  • Suitable for nearly all foils and their dressings
  • Digital temperature control by touch display

Film Compactors - compaction


Overview of the advantages of the compactor:

  • No sution unit necessary
  • No winder necessary
  • No shredder necessary
  • No baling press necessary
  • No transport problems
  • No interim storage necessary
  • No operation of press necessary
  • Pressed bars drop into pallet box
  • The volume of the waste volume is reduced by up to 80%. That is quite near to the density of the original substance.
  • Positive impact of your ROI (Return of Investment) through savings of facilities, power, workforce and better arrangements with your own recycler

Film Compactors - advantages of the compactor


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